High speed reciprocation type, high accuracy wheel, elevation table
The 155mm wheelhead stroke and 400 min-1 high speed reciprocation (limited stroke) has the capacity to handle a wide variety of workpieces. This is enhanced with a wide array of accessories and a large capacity wet grinding splash guard system.
High accuracy, high speed spindle (TS-6)
The standard high power spindle (6000 min-1) is compatible with large diameter grinding wheels and allows the installation of TC-20 (20000 min-1) depending on workpieces to be ground.
High accuracy, high resolution projector
AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new lighting system increases luminosity by approximately 15% from other conventional systems. A +/- 0.1?C control inverter oil cooler is installed as a standard cooling function.
Center-of-gravity bed design
AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new bed design optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs and eliminates deflection in the center area and increases static accuracy.

:: Technical ::
Name : GLS-5T
NC control axis :4-axis (simultaneous 2-axis)
Reciprocating slide stroke (mm):0 - 155
Reciprocation speed (min-1) :30 - 400
Radial relief angle / Axial relief angle (deg):-2 - 20/?15
Wheel spindle speed (min-1) :1000 - 6000
Wheel spindle grinding wheel size:(OD x Width x Bore) (mm) :?120 - 180 x 3 - 10 x ?31.75