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The EWAMATIC LINE CNC-controlled production grinding centre is suitable for manufacturing indexable inserts and rotationally-symmetrical tools. Tailored to the customer's individual requirements, a multitude of grinding operations can be performed in a single clamping. The EWAMATIC LINE is a high-precision grinding and eroding machine which manufactures tools, indexable inserts and rotationally-symmetrical tools in hard metal, PCD or super-hard PCB. Three criteria play an important role in the high autonomy of the CNC-controlled EWAMATIC LINE, for which a powerful NUM 1050 is used: • Automatic charging. • Integrated dressing of grinding wheels. • Dimension measurement on the machine. The kinematic concept of the EWAMATIC LINE is unique in its class. A multitude of grinding operations can thus be performed in a single clamping, with up to six independent grinding spindles (star-shaped grinding spindle supports). :: Technical :: X-axis, transverse adjustment mm:360 Y-axis, height adjustment mm:240 Z-axis, infeed stroke mm:240 Axis resolution mm:0,0001 B-axis, swivelling range degrees:?135 Axis resolution degrees:0,0001 C-Achse, Axis resolution degrees:0,0001 Grinding head SK 2000 Degrees:-15...+25 Grinding spindle drive kW:7,5 Grinding wheel diameter max. mm:250
Type : CNC Sharpening machine Brand : SCHNEEBERGER Model : NORMA CFG Year : 2006 Serial # : 21038 Stock # : 6348P :: Technical :: 5 axis machine X cross axis: 400 [mm] Y vertical axis : 280 [mm] Z feed axis : 280 [mm] A rotating axis : 360? resolution 0.0001? C rotating axis : 340? resolution 0.0001? spindle power : 7,5 [KW] (100%) spindle speed : 1000-9000 [rpm] HSK 50 cutting time : 8875 [h]
High speed reciprocation type, high accuracy wheel, elevation table The 155mm wheelhead stroke and 400 min-1 high speed reciprocation (limited stroke) has the capacity to handle a wide variety of workpieces. This is enhanced with a wide array of accessories and a large capacity wet grinding splash guard system. High accuracy, high speed spindle (TS-6) The standard high power spindle (6000 min-1) is compatible with large diameter grinding wheels and allows the installation of TC-20 (20000 min-1) depending on workpieces to be ground. High accuracy, high resolution projector AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new lighting system increases luminosity by approximately 15% from other conventional systems. A +/- 0.1?C control inverter oil cooler is installed as a standard cooling function. Center-of-gravity bed design AMADA MACHINE TOOLS' new bed design optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs and eliminates deflection in the center area and increases static accuracy. :: Technical :: Name : GLS-5T NC control axis :4-axis (simultaneous 2-axis) Reciprocating slide stroke (mm):0 - 155 Reciprocation speed (min-1) :30 - 400 Radial relief angle / Axial relief angle (deg):-2 - 20/?15 Wheel spindle speed (min-1) :1000 - 6000 Wheel spindle grinding wheel size:(OD x Width x Bore) (mm) :?120 - 180 x 3 - 10 x ?31.75
S33 - The reasonably priced for individual requirements The Studer S33 CNC is a versatile universal cylindrical grinding machine designed for the grinding of medium sized workpieces in individual as well as small and large-batch production. It can be easily adapted to other grinding tasks by means of various accessory kits such an in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection (Sensitron) and length positioning. It can be automated using the Studer smartLoad to give and is especially suited for use in the tooling and precision mechanics sectors. The proven pictogramming allows even less experienced users to quickly optimise the potential of this machine. :: Technical :: Main Dimensions Metric Imperial Distance between centres: 650 mm / 1000 mm 25.6" / 39.4" Centre height: 175 mm 6.9" Max. workpiece weight: 80 kg / 120 kg 176 / 264 lbs Cross Slide (X) Max. travel: 285 mm 11.2" Speed: 0.001 - 5000 mm/min 0.000,04" - 197 ipm Resolution: 0.0001 mm 0.000,004" Longitudinal Slide (Z) Max. travel: 800 / 1150 mm 31.5" / 45.3" Speed: 0.001 - 10,000 mm/min 0.000,04 - 394 ipm Resolution: 0.0001 mm 0.000,004" Wheelhead Swivel range: -15 - +195 deg Swivel axis: 2.5 / 1 deg Hirth Fine adjustment: n/a Driving power: 7.5 / 9.0 kW 10 / 12.2 hp Grinding wheel left: n/a Grinding wheel right: 500 x 63 (80F5) x 203.2 mm 20" x 2.5" (3.15" F5) x 8" Internal grinding: Belt / HF spindle Workhead Speed range: 1 - 1500 rpm Fitting taper: MT 5 / ISO 50 Driving power: 1.6 / 3.0 kW 2.2 / 4 hp Load during live grinding: 70 Nm 52 ft lbs Concentricity precision: 0.0004 mm 0.000016" C axis for form grinding: 0.0001 deg ? Tailstock Fitting taper: MT 3 Travel of barrel: 35 mm 1.37" Barrel diameter: 50 mm 1.97" Fine adjustment: ? 40 ?m 0.0016" Swivelling machine table: 8.5 deg Control: Fanuc 21i-TB Straightness of surface line: 0.0025 mm / 650 mm 0.000,10" / 25.6" Total power input: 20 kVA
The WS 11 and WS 11-SP universal grinding machines are particularly suitable for the manufacture and regrinding of high-precision micro tools and production parts from hard metal, steel or other materials. The WS11 universal grinding machine makes it possible to manufacture and regrind micro tools and production parts from hard metal, HSS or other materials. Thanks to the hydrostatic grinding spindle the thermal expansion is consistently defined, making tolerances of 0.0002 mm possible. At the same time the machining process can be observed and monitored 1:1 with the optical measuring system as the grinding wheel engages. Advantages that fulfil all requirements: ? With the WS 11 concept, cylindrical and conical tools can be ground and measured in a single clamping. ? Both individual parts and smaller batches are ground cost-effectively. ? An extensive range of accessories enables quick adaptation of the machine to the respective machining task. Highest precision in conjunction with performance and reliability help to considerably increase the quality of tools in many industry branches. Benefits: Measuring and grinding in one clamping Hydrostatic slide bearing Wheel dressing on the machine Versatile Up to 10 axes, no limits on geometries Variety of accessories Ergonomic design...Fits you like a glove No comparable machine on the market :: Technical :: Grinding spindle drive, three-phase motor kW (rpm): 0,3 Speed range 1/min:2500/3500/4800/6800 X-axis, transverse adjustment mm:100 X-axis, reading accuracy mm:0,01 Speed variable rpm:100-1300 102 mm / 25 kg:100 Y-axis, grinding stroke vertical, straight mm:150 mm / 100 kg:0,01 Y-axis, reading accuracy mm: Z-axis, infeed stroke horizontal mm:100 Z-axis reading accuracy mm:0,001 Workpiece spindle drive kW:0,25
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Technical Data Base Solid granite base Connected load at 230 V/50 Hz: 2 kVA Pneumatic supply: Min. 6 bar Weight: Approx. 2,500 kg Optical system Three permanently installed CCDcameras: Transmitted light camera (silhouette camera), front light camera, top light camera LED segment light: For top light and front light Light bars from side and background (door) Additional LED Accuracy Length deviation E1-Value: E1 = (1.4 + L/300 mm) µm Repeatability: ≤ 1µm Position resolution for linear axes X, Y, Z: 0.004 µm Position resolution rotation axis A: < 0.00036 degrees Measuring resolution values: 0.25 µm Magnification Transmitted light camera: 50x Front light camera: 200x Top light camera: 200x Control Standard software included in delivery: Quick-Check Modular including Quick-Check Order Management Teach-In-Mode Easy Check Team Viewer (remote maintenance) Tool Data Max. diameter: 200 mm Diameter (calliper gauge principle): 150 mm Max. length: 300 mm Max. weight: 25 kg